tv unit on wall

tv unit on wall

This is tv unit on wall design. It is a modern design. This is the design of a large TV unit.

This TV unit is raised 2 inches above the wall with LED lights all around.

Put a light board on the back of the TV so that you can insert the TV pin, this will put the TV pin behind and it will not be visible.

Do not take the TV unit more than 12 inches from the wall so that it does not come in the way and does not disturb you.

tv unit on wall size

Its height is 7 feet and the width is also 7 feet.

tv unit on wall is open 5 inches from the bottom.

it has a line of drawers with two drawers on one side and the rest is open.

Fit the drawer channel to the drawer so that it is easy to open and close.

The width of the bottom box is 12 inches in it. You can install a 42 inch or larger TV.

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Make the TV unit to the level of the door frame so that it looks the same.

below the TV, you put a box of lights in which the pin of the setup box can be placed and the TV can be turned on and off.

This tv unit will look very beautiful in your hall, if your hall is small then you can reduce its size.

You can reduce its size according to the location and more.

 Sunmica colour

It has two colour sunmica. You can apply black and white sunmica in it.

By taking two colours, you can also give the design in sunmica.

You can also take the design from the engineer, he will give you a good design according to the place or you can get this design made by Carpenter.

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