hydraulic bed with storage

hydraulic bed with storage

hydraulic bed with storage

This is a hydraulic bed with storage design.

hydraulic fittings are fitted inside it so that the door automatically moves up so that you can keep your big stuff inside easily.

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about hydraulic bed with storage

This hydraulic fitting is available from 3 to 5 feet.

If your door is big, then you should take a big fitting so that the fitting does not spoil quickly and the door can easily go up.

inside it is a fitted with a hydraulic pump so that the door can go up.

The hydraulic pump is fitted according to the weight of the door.

If your door and mattress are 150 kg, then you should fit a hydraulic pump of 150 or 180 kg so that the door can open easily.

And did not fall down on its own.

hydraulic fitting price

These fittings will be easily available from 2500 to 3000, you can buy it easily from the hardware shop.

The bed’s height is 18 inches including mattress.

Its length is 7 feet and width is 5.25 feet.

It has a 6 inch mattress, you can make it small and big according to your requirement.

Put a cushion on the back side of it, then you can also apply sunmica on it.

Take out the top of the bed 5 inches on all three sides so that it can be lifted easily.

You can make it easily with the help of a good carpenter. Or you can consult the interior.

So that he can design and advise you accordingly.

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