hall t v unit design

hall t v unit design

This is hall t v unit design. Four open boxes have been built inside it.

Which has a light inside. The side of the tv unit has a cnc design.

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hall t v unit design size

It has acrylic sheet behind the cnc design. this is cut in MDF. It is 1 feet wide and its height is 6 feet.

The height of this hall t v unit design is 7 feet and width is 6 feet.

You can also put LED lights on the back of the tv unit by raising it 3 inches. 

put the color light behind the cnc design. so that This will look beauty of the tv unit.

It has four drawers whose height is 8 inches.

There is 8 inch open space under it so that the tv can be cleaned from under the net.

It is 14 inches outside the wall.

The charcoal sheet is fiting on the back of the tv unit because this look beautiful.

and the open box on its side has an light so that you can place the clock, photo, idol inside it to see the light inside it.

Place a light board under the tv unit with plug and tv, set top box button.

so that the TV and setup box can be turned on and off from here.

In this, you put white sunmica on the drawer and put another sunmica on top which you will like.

Behind the TV you put your favorite charcoal.It is available in many types of design.

You can create a similar design through this design.

This design can be made by any carpenter, apart from this you can design and advise from any interior so that there is no mistake in it.

You can make this design smaller or larger according to the place.

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