hall design for home

hall design for home


hall design for home

This is big hall design for home, if your room is big then you can make a sofa in C type.

so that it will look beautiful in appearance.

about hall design for home

In this you place the TV according to the hall so that it does not look small.

You can make a box in the corner, in addition you can rotate the sofa in the corner.

Most people take the design from the architect so that it can make it more beautiful and there is no big mistake.

You can also take design or advice from the architect and design according to the items you need.

They will show you good ways to make your hall design for home look better.

sofa design measurement

Take the height 18 inches from the front of the couch.

so that the knee does not bend much and does not hurt by sitting on it.

If you take more than this height, your feet will not hit the ground and it will not be right to sit.

You should take the back side of the sofa up to 30 inches above the floor.

make the handle of the sofa 24 inches from the floor so that you can put your hands on it easily.

Put 4 inch steel leg under the sofa so that it does not touch the floor and it is easy to clean under it.

This will make your hall look beautiful. This design will look very beautiful in the big hall.

This will increase the beauty of your hall. You can enhance the beauty of the hall by giving beautiful designs in the ceiling.

In this, you take the cloth in two colours so that you can give any good design in it.

In this, you can apply two-three colour cloth of your choice.

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