glassdoor profile

glassdoor profile

glassdoor profile

Hello guys this is a glassdoor profile. this is the sliding doors of the wardrobe.

This door is mounted on a sliding fitting. It has three sliding doors.

Inside it you can use mirror, plain glass or color glass.

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There is a 6-inch drawer under it and above the profile you can make a box and put plywood doors on which you can use sunmica on it.

glassdoor profile size

There are 3 types of profiles-

  1. 4mm profile – This profile is thin and you can apply 4mm glass inside it.
  2. 6mm profile – you can put 6mm glass in it. If your door is big, then you should take  6mm profile, it is medium quality so that there is no fear of breaking the glass.
  3. 8mm profile – if your door is big then you have take 8mm glassdoor profile for 8mm glass so that the glass will never break.

If your valve is more than 7 feet, then you make 3 doors in it.

if your valve is less than 7 feet in width, then you slide 2 doors so that the door is not too big in width and it is strong.

You can take any colour design in glass.

You should not place a plain glass inside it, because the apply of plain glass will show the inside.

For this, you apply colour glass or white glass so that the material inside is not visible.

According to this photo you can get Carpenter to design or you can take advice of interior.

Attach the profile handle to both side doors so that you can open it easily.

and the middle door without profile handle so that it looks beautiful.

If you want to lock the profile door, then fit the profile lock on both sides of the middle door so that the side doors will also be locked.

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